Retiring brewdo

It's been a long time since I've written a post just for this site, hasn't it?

Nearly three years ago, I joined Atomic Object. (I actually started in August 2014. We tend to publish our welcome posts a little while after new Atoms settle in. Also, holy cow. Look at me then and now. I guess I have lost a lot of weight!)

At the time, I was pretty actively blogging here and exploring my role in the tech community, sharing projects on my GitHub both actively-used and experimental, and even trying out giving talks.

In retrospect, I was doing a lot. And it took a lot of time in addition to my now much-more-engaging work as an Atom, which is probably why my GitHub contribution graph seems to have dropped off since that August.

And so I come now to some housekeeping I've been doing today. One key piece of that housekeeping was deciding what to do with brewdo.

You can read up on why I originally made brewdo here on the blog. Since then, Homebrew has added their own sandbox, which addressed the most important thing that brewdo does that I care about. I've been running Homebrew in $HOME/Library/Homebrew with that support in play for some time, and I've been really happy with it.

So I think now is the time to mark brewdo as unmaintained. I get bug reports on it every so often, mostly having to do with migration or installation, problems that take a lot of effort to even work on. And I just don't have the personal energy for it. I want to make room in my life for other things.

I'll be doing that shortly. If someone wants to take over brewdo, I'd be thrilled to pass it on to them! Just get in touch.

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