Resetting a Wacom Bamboo Spark

Last week, I turned on my Wacom Bamboo Spark smartpad (no longer available, but Wacom has other smartpad models) and the two indicator lights started flashing alternately like a railroad crossing signal.

I could go through the Inkspace re-pairing process successfully, despite the lights never flashing, but the Spark would no longer recognize or record—or at the very least, would not sync—any additional handwritten notes I would make.

I contacted Wacom on Tuesday. After several days of silence, I finally tweeted angrily at them. Some DMs later and, that night, I had some instructions in my inbox on how to reset my Spark that were not available on their support site.

Here's how you reset a Wacom Bamboo Spark, using an iOS device with the Inkspace app installed.

  1. Tap the Settings menu (gear icon) in the upper-right corner of the app.

  2. Select "Your Device".

  3. Select "Pair Device".

  4. Turn the Spark on, and select "Next".

  5. Hold the Spark's page button until Inkspace shows "Select your device".

  6. Select your device from the list and select "Next".

  7. Press the Spark's page button to confirm.

  8. Tap five times on the "Enter a unique name" label.

  9. Confirm the "Device Memory Reset" dialog by selecting "Reset".

  10. Continue with the pairing process until complete.

I hope this helps someone out—I enjoy my Spark and was quite put out at not being able to digitize notes for a week.

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