Choosy is for more than just browsers

One of my essential macOS apps is George Brocklehurst's Choosy.

I maintain Safari as my personal browser (it's convenient, particularly cross-device, and Advanced Data Protection now covers bookmarks too!) and Chrome as my work browser. What Choosy does for me is inject a quick step after clicking links that prompts me to pick one or the other.

We also use Miro quite a bit at work, both internally and with clients. And there's one workflow that has always ticked me off—clicking a Miro link practically anywhere opens it first in the browser and then I bounce to the app, leaving me with two views on any given Miro board until I turn around and close the browser.

The cool thing is, Choosy can handle this too!

  1. Open Choosy Preferences, Rules.
  2. Make a new rule.
  3. Call it Miro, and set it to apply when the Web address begins with
  4. When the rule triggers, Choosy should always use this "browser"—browse to the Applications folder and pick Miro.

And that's it! Now whenever I get a Miro share link, it'll immediately go to the app, which is a much nicer experience than a browser tab.

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